Bundestag member accused of lobbying mask supplier with taking bribes

German MP Georg Nüsslein has been charged with taking a bribe of 660,000 euros for lobbying a supplier of medical masks. The Bundestag voted unanimously to lift his immunity. Deutsche Welle reports.

The Munich prosecutor’s office has confirmed that the Nüsslein indictment is linked to recent raids on 13 properties in Germany and Liechtenstein as part of an investigation into alleged corruption and bribery of officials. Among these objects was the Nüsslein real estate.

According to the investigation, Nüsslein allegedly lobbied the government to conclude a contract with a supplier of medical masks last year, receiving €660,000 in return. The funds were transferred through a consulting firm owned by the legislator.

Nüsslein’s lawyer reiterated the politician’s claims of innocence.

Currently, the official has not been arrested.

Georg Nüslein has been a member of parliament since 2002 and has served as the CDU/CSU’s deputy parliamentary leader since 2014.