London will start a fight against human rights abuses


Britain is preparing to launch its own, independent from the European Union, sanctions regime, in which London will be able, in particular, to block the assets of persons suspected of human rights abuses, writes the Financial Times with reference to informed sources. According to the newspaper, first off the measures may concern Russia, Libya and North Korea.

Restrictive measures will be imposed for human rights abuses. They include freezing the assets of suspects in the UK. Сitizens of Russia, Libya and North Korea may fall under the first wave of sanctions. They also did not rule out that the measures will affect Saudi citizens involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab will announce about the new mechanism in February, after which London will present a specific list of people affected by the restrictions. He wants to use the new sanctions regime to show through this process that after Brexit, Britain will play a global role in the international arena.