Indian`s 13 workers feared dead in illegal coal mine

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In the Indian state of Meghalaya at least 13 workers are presumed dead due to the collapse and flood of an illegal coal mine, “The Indian Express” said.

At the moment, the rescue operation continues. 13 in workers was due to trap flooding in the Eastern district Jaintia hills. Services pumped water and make every effort to rescue workers from the collapsed mine.

Superintendent of police said that against the owner of the mine has already opened a case. It is assumed that the miners are likely to die.

In 2014, the national green Tribunal (NGT) banned coal mining in so – called “rat holes” – deep and unsafe mines. The reason for the ban was also the fact that coal mining in areas located above the river, leads to water pollution.

In November of this year, activist Agnes Kharshiing serving coal mining in Meghalya against, and Amit Sangma was attacked a colleague, when conducted an investigation into illegal mines, organized in India due to corruption crimes.