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Cabral is sentenced to 45 years in prison for crimes investigated in Operation Calicute

The former governor of Rio Sérgio Cabral leaves the seat of the 7th Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro after hearing. Source: FÁBIO MOTTA / ESTADÃO CONTENT.

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In the sentence, Cabral is described as “the founder of the giant criminal scheme institutionalized under the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro”.

Rio de Janeiro’s ex-governor, Sergio Cabral, was convicted on Wednesday for crimes investigated by Operation Calicute, one of Lava Jato’s offspring. Cabral was sentenced to 45 years and 2 months imprisonment, in addition to a fine, for passive corruption, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization.

According to the complaint of the Calicute Operation, the scheme diverted funds from the RJ government contracts with contractors. In addition to Cabral, Judge Marcelo Bretas of the 7th Federal Criminal Court also condemned another 11 people for participating in the scheme. Cabral’s wife, Adriana Ancelmo, was sentenced to 18 years and 3 months in prison.

Cabral was arrested in November and is currently in Benfica, in the prison where the former Prison Special Battalion (BEP) was located. Adriana Ancelmo, who was convicted for the first time on Wednesday, is serving house arrest at her apartment in Leblon.

In Cabral’s sentence he describes himself as “the founder of the giant criminal scheme institutionalized under the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, he was the head of the organization, essentially to request bribes to contractors wishing to contract with the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Andrade Gutierrez, and to direct the other members of the organization to promote the laundering of illicit money. ”

“Thus, Sérgio Cabral asked Rogério Nora, the president of Andrade Gutierraz, to pay a fee, so that the contractor could be contracted with the State of Rio de Janeiro at a meeting held in early 2007 at the ex-governor, a request that was reinforced in another meeting, this time held at the Guanabara Palace. He continued to promote the spurious money raised in different ways, using other defendants, including Adriana Ancelmo, his companion life and criminal practices, “adds the judge in the document.

Cabral’s lawyer, Rodrigo Rocca, affirmed that the sentence is a “violence against the democratic State of Law”: “The sentence is a violence against the democratic State of law and only reinforces the allegation of suspicion that we have already made against the judge who The conviction of former governor Sérgio Cabral by Judge Marcelo Bretas was already expected, everyone knew this, and he knew that we had already been preparing an appeal to the higher courts, where the truth is more likely to survive. ”

Check below, all those convicted in the sentence of this fourth:

Sergio Cabral: 45 years and two months imprisonment plus fine.

Wilson Carlos: 34 years in prison plus fine.

Hudson Braga: 27 years in prison plus fine.

Carlos Miranda: 25 years in prison plus fine.

Luiz Carlos Bezerra: 6 years and 6 months imprisonment plus fine.

Wagner Jordan Garcia: 12 years and 2 months imprisonment plus fine.

Adriana Ancelmo: 18 years and 3 months imprisonment plus fine.

Paulo Fernando Magalhães Pinto Gonçalves: 9 years and 4 months imprisonment plus fine.

Luiz Paulo Reis: 5 years and 10 months imprisonment plus fine.

Carlos Jardim Borges: 5 years and 3 months in prison plus fine.

Luiz Alexandre Igayara: 6 years in prison plus fine.

First conviction in Rio

It is Cabral’s second condemnation. He was also sentenced to 14 years and two months for corruption and money laundering by Judge Sérgio Moro – responsible for Lava Jato‘s proceedings at first instance. At the time, the court considered that he received bribes from companies Andrade Gutierrez, Odebrecht and Queiroz Galvão. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the money was diverted from the contract of earthmoving in the works of the Comperj.