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Former Nassau County executive had been accused of corruption

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Federal prosecutors failed to obtain a guilty verdict in the case of Edward Mangano, former head of the Nassau (Long Island) District Administration, accused of corruption and the use of his official position for profit.

In the autumn of 2016, the federal prosecutor’s office accused Mangano of providing “friendly assistance” to the owner of several restaurants Harende Singh in exchange for gifts, free travel and “support” for the wife of the head of the district, said nytimes.

According to prosecutors, Singh recruited Linda Mangano as taster, she also went into the process of being accused, who, without appearing at work, received a total of $ 450,000 dollars.

In addition, the prosecution claimed, the restaurateur was flooding the family head of the district with various small gifts – no more than $ 3,000. The criminal scheme also involved supervisor Oyster Bay John Wendito, who received kickbacks, and instead spent his election activities in restaurants Singh. The prosecutor’s indictment said that both officials helped Singh to get profitable contracts, and also acted as guarantors of his loans. In particular, in 2012, Singh received a contract from the county for the delivery of lunch to the liquidators of the effects of hurricane Sandy, and then a contract to provide food for prisoners held in the county jail.

On Thursday, Judge Joan Azraq, who a couple of days ago replaced one of the jurors and demanded that the jury begin discussion of the verdict from the beginning, surrendered and dismissed the jury, recognizing the process as failed.

The jury did not agree with Linda Mangano’s guilt, but they justified John Wenditto.