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Council leader cleared of corruption claim

Source: Herald Scotland.

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The leader of North Lanarkshire Council has been cleared of any wrongdoing following a police investigation into allegations of corruption.

Councillor Jim Logue said his unnamed accuser had wasted everyone’s time with the “spurious” claims. The probe looked at Councillor Logue’s activites while chairman of NL Leisure, which runs sports facilities on behalf of the council.

It followed a revelation that Councillor Logue had failed to register his directorship of two new companies set up without the knowledge of the NL Leisure board.

He said legal advisers told him there was no need to register and insisted there was nothing sinister about the companies.

A Police Scotland spokesman told the Times & Speaker: “We have concluded our investigation and no criminality has been established.”

Councillor Logue said: “It is no surprise that Police Scotland has found no substance to the spurious allegations made against me.”

“This whole episode has been a waste of time for the police and for the council. In my view, the police should consider the extent to which their valuable time and resources have been wasted by the people behind this farce.

“I have been a councillor for 40 years and 30 years ago I put my political prospects on the line to expose wrongdoing by members of my own party in Monklands District Council.

“Last year I ensured there was a proper investigation into allegations of corruption in procurement based on anonymous but credible allegations, something other politicians would be extremely cautious about doing.”

“Anyone who knows me and the way I go about my business knows that I would never be involved in fraud or corruption of any kind. I am very grateful for the support of my family and my colleagues during what has been an extremely difficult time.”

Last month the council’s SNP group failed in a bid to have Councillor Logue stand aside until the police investigation ended.

The Nationalists claimed the council’s reputation was “in tatters”, but depute council leader Paul Kelly said he and Councillor Logue had been the victims of “smears and threats” since taking up their posts last year.