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Singapore arrests ten people in high-profile money laundering case

The Singapore law enforcement agencies arrested 10 people. They are accused of money laundering.

BBC reports.

According to the police, the arrested people are between 31 and 44 years old, they all have foreign passports – China, Cambodia, Turkey and Vanuatu.

In total, the police seized about $735 million. Law enforcement officers also arrested 94 real estate objects and about 50 expensive cars.

The Singapore police noted that the members of this criminal group laundered money received as a result of fraudulent activities outside Singapore and the operation of online casinos.

– We have zero tolerance for the use of Singapore as a safe haven for criminals or their families, or for the abuse of our banking facilities. Our message to these criminals is simple – if we catch you, we will arrest you. If we find your ill-gotten gains, we will seize them. We will deal with you to the fullest extent of our laws, – said director of the Commercial Affairs Department David Chew.

The Singapore authorities have promised to continue such operations.