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FIFA official banned for seven years as he sold his vote on World Cup-2018

Rafael Salguero

Rafael Salguero is banned for seven years by FIFA in cooperation with US investigation into corruption. He pleaded he took part in the bribery accident, writes Al Jazeera

Salguero was banned for 7 years because of bribery and also was fined 100000 Swiss francs (99500 dollars). This type of fraud usually leads to a life ban.

According to secret documents which were published in December, 2018, in 2016 Salguero told in the New-York court, he was offered “hundreds of thousands of dollars” by the wealthy person in Italy. Then, he voted for the specified country. The name of the country was blacked out of the transcript, so now we can`t realise the purpose of the offer. Ex-FIFA official said he wanted the payment, but was afraid he can be caught on going to Italy. After Russia won the tournament, he also failed to get the money.

The prosecutors say Salguero was not only charged for bribery, but also illegally reselled World Cup tickets.