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Berlusconi indicted over judicial corruption charges

Экс-премьер Италии Сильвио Берлускони. Обвинению в коррупции
Source: Daily Mirror.

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Former Italian PM is accused of paying women to lie during a previous trial.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was indicted by a Milan court on Monday for accusations of corruption in judicial acts and false testimonies.

The Forza Italia party leader is accused of paying women to lie on the stand at a previous trial over an underage alleged prostitute nicknamed Ruby, according to Italian news agency ANSA. Berlusconi was originally convicted for paying for sex with Ruby, but was later acquitted because he said he did not know her age.

Four other women face the same charges of judicial corruption, all of whom were guests at Berlusconi’s so-called bunga bunga parties.