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The head of the Bank of Latvia can become a defendant in a corruption case

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The Bureau of prevention and fight against corruption of Latvia appealed to the Prosecutor’s office to initiate a criminal case against the President of the Bank of Latvia Ilmar Rimshevich. 

The President of the Central Bank is accused of bribery, and the Central Bank – in money laundering and sponsoring the nuclear program of North Korea, reports Reuters.

Rimshevich is suspected of receiving a bribe in the amount of 100 thousand euros. According to the investigation, the size of the bribe is not less than 100 thousand euros. Under suspicion of aiding and abetting in the case was and entrepreneur Maris Martinson. He was detained, but soon released.

Rimsevics himself has denied all charges. Press-Secretary KNAB refused to give additional information.

The spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General’s office said that now there are 10 days to decide whether to prosecute Rimshevich, to request additional evidence or to stop the case.

“Starting tomorrow, there are 10 days until June 29 for the Prosecutor to decide what to do with the case,” a spokeswoman for Reuters said. Rimshevich’s lawyer was not available for comment.

The Latvian authorities have banned him from performing his duties and he cannot participate in the meetings of the European Central Bank (ECB).