Governor in Kenya fired 48 officials over lack of proper education

Governor of Kiambu County in Kenya James Nyoro fired 48 municipal board members over lack of proper education.

Nyoro said their appointments were made in total disregard of the law as they had not met the qualifications for that job.

The members who sit in committees that make important decisions on multi-billion projects funded by the World Bank were appointed by former governor Ferdinand Waititu who was impeached over corruption issues.

Kenyan media Tuko noted that some of the fired board members had not gone beyond primary school education and could hardly read and understand policy issues.

The investigation into the educational level of Kenyan officials was prompted by World Bank concerns about their qualifications for the job.

For his part, Nyoro has always sought to reorganise the composition of Kiambu county staff and when he was sworn in January 2020, he promised to eliminate the rot in the county government and lead a competent government