In Vietnam earned one billion dollars on corruption

Сorruption in Vietnam. Photo:

The Ministry of Public Security’s Investigation Police Department on Economic, Corruption-related Crimes and Smuggling retrieved nearly $1.16 billion by explore cases of corruption and economic breaches in 2018.

The number represents nearly 50 per cent of the full estimated harm caused by the violations and an 18 percentage point increase from the funds recovered in 2017, the department informed at a meeting held on Tuesday to examine its 2018 performance and get ready for 2019.

Of the figure, nearly VNĐ2.9 trillion was recovered from corruption cases.

Minister of Public Security Tô Lâm tall highly of the efforts of the department’s staff, saying they fixed progress in discovering economic and corruption crimes and in obtaining assets from these cases.

But, he said shortcomings remained and the department should revise them and use their findings to improve the struggle against corruption and smuggling.

He entrusted the economic police to familiarise themselves with Party and State guidelines on fight corruption and economic crimes and to enhance consultancy work for the ministry, the Party and the State.

The year of 2019 is set to be a main period in the fight against these crimes, as Việt Nam has combined deeper into the global economy. Lâm tall the department must have an effective, long-term vision for combating economic, corruption and smuggling crimes.

The department should concentrate on measures to speed up the inquiry of key economic and corruption cases and the recovery of holdings, he said.

It was besides necessary to closely follow the socio-economic developments of the Government in 2019 and beyond to avoid and punish crimes, therefore contributing to fulfilling the Government’s goals and combating corruption and wastefulness, he said