Infantino: football governing body is now scandal-free


Re-elected FIFA president Gianni Infantino has claimed, that he banished scandals and corruption from the soccer body despite losing members of his council for misconduct. His words were quoted by Associated Press.

This week Gianni Infantino  won the election for a second presidential term till 2023. He did without any competitors for the post. His victory was confirmed by acclamation at the FIFA Congress ahead of the Women’s World Cup.

“For those who love me, for those who hate me…I love everyone today.” – he said.

“Well the last three years and four months have certainly not been perfect. I have made mistakes certainly and I try to improve and do this better but today on an election day nobody talks about crisis. Nobody talks about rebuilding FIFA from scratch. Nobody talks about scandals. Nobody talks about corruption.” – added Infantino.

Infantino said FIFA’s previously precarious financial situation was now looking rosy with the organisation’s budget increased from $5 billion to $6.4bn and reserves up from $1bn to $2.75bn.

This was despite increased spending on development projects in FIFA’s 211 member associations. FIFA spent $1.1bn in the period 2015-18 and will increase the sum to $1.75bn from 2019-2022, he added.

In March 2019, FIFA officialy approved Infantino’s plans for a 24-team Club World Cup starting in 2021, despite top European clubs saying they would boycott the tournament.