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The elected President of Mexico will reduce his salary by half

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Mexico’s President-elect, Andres Manuel López Obrador, plans to earn less than half the salary of his predecessor. It will receive 108 thousand pesos (5 707 dollars) per month. The President also promised that none of the officials would receive more than he did.

“We want the budget to be enough for everyone,” said Andres Manuel López Obrador to journalists in front of their headquarters. It is reported by the Guardian.

Lopez Obrador said that he will receive 108 thousand pesos per month ( 5 707 dollars). Meanwhile, the monthly salary of peña Nieto, according to him, is 270 thousand pesos (14.2 thousand dollars). No official will earn more than he did, the President said.

President of Mexico said he would further reduce his salary, but he does not want to cause dissatisfaction among future Cabinet members, some of whom leave their job in the private sector and academic positions, which pay more than the new salaries of officials.

He confirmed the election campaign to reduce taxpayer-funded funds for high-ranking government officials such as drivers, bodyguards and medical staff. The official presidential residence will become a cultural center, and ex-presidents will no longer receive pensions, says Lopez Obrador.

At the same time, he reiterated his commitment to fight corruption. According to him, government officials will have to disclose their assets, and corruption will be considered a serious crime.

Recall that the elections were a crushing defeat for the ruling centrist Institutional revolutionary party or PRI. The main feature of the campaign was a huge number of corruption scandals that undermined the credibility of the PRI, along with nationwide discontent with the growth of violence and years of weak economic growth.

The inauguration of Lopez Obrador will take place on December 1. He will lead the country until 2024.