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Government To Introduce Advanced Anti-Corruption Bill

Source: WiredJa.

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By Matt Maura

Bahamas Information Services

THE Minnis Administration will introduce a more advanced Anti-Corruption Bill “inclusive of Asset Confiscation and Public Disclosure” and an Integrity Commission Bill, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said yesterday.

“Political will is needed in order to address and stem corruption,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

“This government and this Prime Minister have the will to confront corruption. We will promote law and order.”

Addressing Parliament Wednesday, Prime Minister Minnis said his Administration was elected by the people of The Bahamas to vigorously address the culture of corruption “and we will continue to fulfill this mandate.”

“Be assured that once uncovered, status, politics or family name will not prevent prosecution.”

“We cannot simply ignore the massive abuse and theft of public funds.”

Prime Minister Minnis said the Government will continue with the forensic audits of government ministries, corporations and departments in order to identify wrongdoing and to stop such practices occurring in the future.

“We have already tabled legislation to provide for a stand-alone Office of Public Prosecution,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

“We will ensure the appointment of honest and fair-minded individuals to the various offices and agencies which combat official corruption.”

“This is essential if we are to stem public corruption at every level.”