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To work in a helicopter: the Prime Minister of Pakistan criticized for the way of movement

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The recently elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, who made promises during his campaign to cut government spending, used a 15-seat government helicopter twice to get home from work and then back to work.

He was criticized for this by his political rivals, but Pakistani Minister of information Fawad Chaudhary said that the helicopter ride was cheaper than traveling on a normal road, according to OCCRP.

Fawad Chaudri said that the use of the helicopter by Prime Minister Imran Khan does not fall under the definition of “VIP culture”, as the security Protocol accompanying the Prime Minister on the way to Bani Gala, can cause trouble for ordinary people.

Khan previously criticized the ” VIP culture ” of Pakistani officials in his campaign ahead of the election .

The report on the cost of helicopter travel caused a storm of sarcastic reactions in social networks, where people began to make suggestions about the transfer of helicopters to the rank of public transport, since this type of travel is so cheap.

The representative of Khan and political adviser Naem-ul-Haq, said in his Twitter that ” the fact that the helicopter is used only twice a week. On Friday night when he moves to the Baths of Gala and on Monday morning when he returns”. In a separate tweet he explained that ” the Prime Minister wants that on roads traffic didn’t stop, and not to worry people. He also wants to limit the costs of security measures.”

Former Finance Minister Miftah Ismail responded with his own sarcastic tweet: “I am thinking of ridding the family of the Corolla and getting a cheaper, more reliable form of transportation. Can’t decide if I should get a Suzuki or a helicopter”.