National Australia Bank’s former chief of staff sentenced to eight years in prison for bribes

Former National Bank of Australia chief of staff Rosemary Rogers has been sentenced to eight years in prison for bribes of $ 5.5 million. She spent money on providing a luxury lifestyle.

According to the 9News, the bribes included a month-long holiday to the US worth $500,000, a luxury BMW, two boats, a holiday home, a trip to a private Fijian island and multiple stays at expensive resorts.

Her co-accused Helen Rosamond, who is the head of the event management company Human Group, is accused of bribing Rogers from 2013 to 2017 in exchange for her signing off on inflated invoices sent to the National Bank.

Rosamond is still awaiting trial.

Rogers’ luxury lifestyle became known in December 2017 after an anonymous informant notified the board of the National Bank.

A court in Australia has sentenced Rogers to eight years in prison, after being found guilty on more than 30 charges of bribery, corruption and fraud.

Rosemary Rogers, 45,  worked at the National Bank for over two decades, including nine years as a chief of staff to the bank’s general directors.