New HR1 bill will help USA to beat corruption

New HR1 bill will help USA to beat corruption

The new bill is expected to solve “dark money” problem in the USA, according to The Guardian. The first hearing of HR1 will take place today.

HR1, known as the “For The People Act”, is developed by the Democrats and will be able disclose the political campaigns involvement of third-party groups. The purpose is to illuminate the way politicians are elected.

In the first hearing, House Administration objective will explore the situation of illegal donations of certain richest US people. In other way, this will be the discussion of methods and scale of the illegal relationships of politicians and certain richest country men. A range of speakers from election experts to civil right activists will recount the influence of “dark money” on the lives of ordinary people.

The new anti-corruption measure has a key example of secret political funding influence. Today the Committee will present the John Doe Files, the compilation of documents which leaked to the Guardian in 2016. The 1,500 pages describe when and how concrete rich people sponsored concrete politicians, sometimes they get political favors in return. There are many senior Republican party members in John Doe Files. One of the exposed politicians is president of United States Donald Trump, who donated $15,000 during Scott Walker`s visit in New York Trump Tower.