Corruption: Lawyer wants media, judiciary to serve as watchdogs

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A legal practitioner, Mrs Maureen Ajogo, says to establish an effective system that will check corruption, media and judicial associations should be used as watchdogs.

Ajogo, who spoke in an interview with Newsmen on Tuesday in Abuja, said that the media and judicial association could be used as tools to effectively flush out corrupt practices.

According to her, the positive role of the media will help in investigations and exposure of grafts.

“You must agree with me that the role of the media as a vigilant and informed tool to guard against corruption in the system should be recognised.

“It must be enhanced and strengthened by the support of the judiciary itself.

“Where possible, courts should be afforded the means to appoint media liaison officers to explain to the public the importance of integrity in the judicial institution.

“They should be able to explain to them the procedures available for complaints and investigation of corruption and the outcome of any such investigations,’’ she stressed.

Ajogo said that the role and function of judicial associations in the society in combating corruption in the judiciary could not be ignored.

“They are the ones saddled with the responsibility of ensuring justice at the end of the day.’’

Ajogo, however, advised that the two entities be given the necessary training to understand the ethics and roles of their professions to function effectively in the task.