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The defendants in the case of the murder of a journalist from Slovakia planned an attempt on the Deputy Prosecutor

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The accused in the case of the murder of journalist Jan Kuchak, who was investigating corruption, allegedly planned to kill the Deputy Prosecutor General of Slovakia. The police did not wish to comment on the case, and the Prosecutor’s office asked the media not to publish any information about the murder.

The suspects detained for the murder of journalist Jan Kuchak and his bride Martina Kushnirova, could participate in the planning of the assassination of the Deputy Prosecutor General, Peter Shulyarsky, reports Spectator.

In the case of detained Alena Gurova and Tomas Sabo, relative, Sabo Miroslav, Marcek and Zoltan Andrusko. The latter is actively cooperating with the investigation: he said that the customer of murder of a reporter is a shady magnate of the Slovak business  Marian Kochner,

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According to an unknown source, Guava and Sabo had planned the murder in Dunajska Lūžņa (Bratislava region), where he lived the Prosecutor. It is reported that the police collect footage of all the buildings.

“This is confidential information, said Andrea Predalov, press Secretary of the Prosecutor General. “Therefore, the Deputy Prosecutor General asked the media not to publish any information about the alleged preparation of the premeditated murder and to allow law enforcement agencies to do their job.”

The police refused to comment on the case in connection with the ongoing investigations.

Szaflarski engaged in the Affairs of the mafia
Superski became more prominent at a time when he was engaged in the Affairs of a mafia boss Mikulas of Chernak. He was also engaged in other, mostly more serious cases, the mafia.

We will remind, in Slovakia over the past few years there have been cases of disappearance of journalists who were engaged in investigations. So, in 1985 Milos Geshko who wrote about financial frauds disappeared without a trace. In 1993, immediately after the publication of material about the murder of a priest-dissident, under mysterious circumstances disappeared Marcel Samuhel. And in 2008, disappeared investigator Paul Ripal, who was involved in the Slovak OPG, and most importantly – a group of mikuláš of Chernak associated with the leadership of the security service.