Peru: higher prosecutor jailed for corruption

The Building Of The Congress Of Peru. Photo:

A Peruvian supreme prosecutor, stated as a possible replacement for the head of a team that investigates big cases of political corruption in Peru, was detained on Wednesday for eceiving a bribe to benefit a person under investigation for that crime.

Higher Prosecutor Abel Concha was incarcerated at his home, due to possible corruption, since a bystander stated that he received 80,000 Peruvian soles (almost 24,000 US dollars) from the Mayor of the Peruvian northern city of Chiclayo, David Cornejo, in exchange for concealment the file of an investigation into Concha for corruption.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that Concha is related to Cornejo’s corruption network and is accused of the corruption of officials, although the arrested person has denied the accusations and claims to be the sacrifice of an plot.

Instantly, the prosecutor categorically rejected any kind of connection with Concha and that he had considered him to integrate the special investigative team on bribery cases and electoral contributions of the Brazilian company Odebrecht.