Peru’s losing presidential candidate faces trial on corruption charges

Keiko Fujimori, who lost the presidential elections in Peru, accused the election results of falsification. Now she faces trial on corruption charges because she has not achieved presidential immunity. BBC news reports.

Former teacher and union leader Pedro Castillo has been declared president-elect of Peru, six weeks after winning the popular vote

Keiko Fujimori, daughter of ex-president Alberto Fujimori, who is in jail serving a 25-year sentence for corruption, tried to appeal the election results, claiming that they were falsified, without presenting any evidence.

However, all of Fujimori’s appeals were rejected.

Moreover, international election observers, including the Organisation of American States, said they have found no irregularities.

Keiko Fujimori is accused of receiving money from scandal-tainted Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht (now known as Novonor) to fund two previous failed presidential campaigns.

Under Peruvian law, the case against Fujimori would have been suspended until after her term if she had become president.

During presidential campaign, Castillo pledged to nationalise Peru’s lucrative mining and hydrocarbon sectors, and said he would aim to create a million new jobs in a year.

He also proposed to reinstate the death penalty in order to strengthen the fight against crime.

Pedro Castillo won last month’s election by a margin of only 44,000 votes.