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Police to probe 14 more temples for corruption next week

Police to probe 14 more temples for corruption next week. Source: Pattaya Mail.

This material belongs to: Pattaya Mail.

Police handling the state temple corruption case will inspect 14 more sites next week in Bangkok and the provinces in search of evidence to beef up cases based on irregularities.

Deputy Commander of the Anti-Corruption Police Division Pol Col Warayuth Sukwat disclosed that most recently officers inspected a temple in Lopburi province where evidence of financial misconduct was found. The investigation led to plans to look into another 30 temples , starting with 14 temples by next week.

Pol Col Warayuth let on 2 of the temples are popular sites in Bangkok and have already found to have had suspicious transactions tied to officials in the National Office of Buddhism. He noted that the officials were different individuals from those alleged to have taken part in the graft in an earlier probe.

The division is to overall look into 460 temples nationwide. It will first focus on temples that engaged in suspicious activity in 2014 as the year marked the most prevalent instances of corruption with up to 700 million baht embezzled from the state.