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Bolivian president Evo Morales names USA the source of corruption and drug trafficking

Эво Моралес
Президент Боливии Эво Моралес (Evo Morales). Источник фото:

Bolivian president Evo Morales wrote in his twitter account on Tuesday June 27: “In countries, where the USA brought to power their puppets drug trafficking and corruption are at an all time high”.

According to the Bolivian leader America’s invasion of policy in other countries increases drug trafficking and corruption. Morales states that the drug trade has only grown in those states whose leaders came to power with the help of their northern friends. According to him the cocaine consumption in the US of A constitutes about 1.6% of population.

Where there is DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and American military bases grows drug trade, crime, unlawful enrichment, corrupted elites and numbers of serfs selling their country” – Morales wrote.

The DEA answers only to the Minister of Justice and has an autonomy to fight drug related crimes on both foreign and American soil. For many years this administrations has been operating outside their homeland to arrest drug lords and kingpins of South America. In many Latin countries the drug cartels have not only monopolised production and distribution of various illegal substances, but also seized political power through networks of corrupt governmental officials and law enforcement officers.

Evo Morales is known for attacking the USA in his twitter. On 22 of May 2017 he commented on American invasion of Syria and their threats towards North Korea by texting the following: “It is the worst fate for the nation to receive an American one-sided military invasion.”