Russian officials will be fired over spouse’s or childrens’ foreign bank accounts

Source: Google.

Russian State Duma started discussions over modifying the Corruption Prevention Law. According to the proposal, not only the governmental officials themselves, but also their wives or husbands and children will be banned from opening foreign bank accounts. If enacted those in breach of this law will face dismissal. 

The new legislation is available on the office’s website.

In 2012 two other laws were passed that include these restrictions: the Law On Control over the Compliance of Expenses of Persons who hold Public Offices and other Persons with their Incomes and the Law On Prohibition of Certain Categories of Persons to Open and Maintain Accounts (Deposits), keep Cash and Valuables in Foreign Banks. However, Russian lawmakers deemed it highly important to include these amendments into the anti-corruption legislation.

Any civil servant, whose wife or husband or children opened any kind of bank account, be it a deposit or not, in a foreign bank (which in this case means any bank located on the foreign soil, not in Russia), will be facing dismissal for the breach of trust.

Usually the “breach of trust” is reserved for the corrupt. According to the latest initiative, all the corrupt Russian officials fired for the breach of trust will be included into a special registry for two years, so that they cannot conceal the true reasons behind their dismissal once they apply for new jobs.

Source: Право.Ru.