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Romania: the dismissed main fighter against corruption found a new job to fight corruption

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Laura Kovesi,  Laura Covesi, the former chief Prosecutor of the anti-corruption Authority (DNA)  of Romania, will continue to work to curb corruption in the new position.

A few days after anti-corruption dismissed by decree of President Klaus Iohannis , the General Prosecutor Augustin Lazar Kovesi appointed to the post of attorney delegated the oversight and control of the Prosecutor of the Supreme court of cassation and justice. In her new position, she will be responsible for the implementation of the national anti-corruption policy strategy for 2016-2020.

According to the attorney General, her new role will include updating anti-corruption strategies and working on strategies for different agencies, according to the OCCRP website .

The Union of the opposition party to rescue Romania informed Kovesi invited to join them after she was fired from the Department for combating corruption, but temporarily withdrew its invitation in the light of the statement of Lazarus.

During his tenure of the head of Department on fight against corruption Kovesi supervised the prosecution of thousands of government officials, legislators, and business leaders.

Being popular with many ordinary Romanians, because of his strict stance against corruption Kovesi made himself many powerful enemies, especially in the ruling Social democratic party of the country.

President of Romania Klaus Iohannis, who supported Covesi, but was forced to fire her, following the decision of the constitutional court. Members of the social democratic party threatened to dismiss him if he did not comply with the order of the constitutional court to dismiss Kovesi.

The President said, in connection with the dismissal of Kovesi of DNA, he promises”more than ever” to support the fight against corruption. Those who were happy that the fight against corruption will be slowed down, need to be on the alert, he said.