Russian Accounts Chamber reveals the payment of pensions after death

Auditors of the Accounts Chamber in Russia found that the territorial offices of the Pension Fund continue to pay pensions after the death of citizens for hundreds of millions of rubles.

According to the report of the Accounts Chamber, the relatives of the deceased pensioners continue to use their pension savings. The reason for this situation is the untimely receipt of information about the death pensioners in the Pension Fund of Russia.

– During the audit, it was found that as of January 1, 2020, due to the late receipt of information about the death and withdrawal of funds from the bank account by the relatives of the deceased pensioner, the overpayment of pensions in only two territorial offices of the Pension Fund amounted to 377.035 million rubles, – said in the Accounts Chamber.

The auditors also checked information on the deaths of 40 insured citizens. Information on 13 of them came much later than the date of death. This means that the pension continued to accrue.

At the same time, as of March 1, 2020, the territorial offices of the Pension Fund had information about the death of more than 11.7 thousand deceased citizens, whom the fund cannot identify. At the beginning of the year, there were half of such citizens.

Besides, the Accounts Chamber discovered errors in personalized accounting in the Pension Fund – because of these errors, citizens do not receive pensions.

Errors concern the opening of two or more accounts for the same recipient of a pension, as well as the assignment of one SNILS to several citizens.

Most often this happens due to the fact that citizens make mistakes when filling out the questionnaires.  Confusion also arises when a citizen’s surname is changed. This translates into inaccuracies during registration and the appearance of double personal accounts.