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The Brazilian court acquitted Lula da Silva in one of seven criminal cases

Бразилия, с да Силва сняли одно из обвинений
Источник фото: CNN.

Former Brazilian President Inacio Lula da Silva was acquitted of one of the seven charges against him. It is a criminal case opened under the article “obstruction of justice”.

Luiz inácio Lula da Silva was sentenced to 12 years and went to prison in April this year. He was found guilty of receiving an apartment from the OAS construction company as part of a corruption scheme related to the state oil and gas giant Petrobras.

However, he is also accused in six other trials. On 13 July, Federal judge Ricardo Leith said that in one of the cases brought against the ex-President, there was insufficient evidence to continue the trial. Yes Silva was accused under article “obstruction of justice”. According to prosecutors, Lula da Silva and six other people participated in an attempt to bribe the former top Manager of the state oil and gas company Petrobras. According to the investigation, they allegedly offered to pay 250 thousand to the family of this man. realov ($65 thousand), if he refuses to testify against the participants of the corruption scheme used by the leadership of the energy giant.

This corruption scandal affected many prominent representatives of the political and business elite of Brazil, including President Michel Temer. Investigators found that politicians and their parties allegedly take money from the construction giant Oderbrecht and other large companies in exchange for political benefits and contracts with the state oil company Petrobras.

The ex-President insists on his innocence and calls all accusations of corruption a political conspiracy aimed at thwarting his electoral ambitions.