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The police has new evidence of corruption of the President of Brazil

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The Federal Police of Brazil (PFB) announced that it has evidence that shows the participation of Brazilian President Michel Temer in a corrupt network involving the engineering company Argeplan.

“The collected evidence shows that Argeplan and the financial and management structure of the company have worked several times for Michel Temer’s public and private claims,” ​​Kleiber Malta Lopez of the Federal Police said. This follows from a report sent to the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil, reports telesurtv.

Argeplan belongs to João Batista Lima, the former head of the federal police and a close friend of Temer. His investigation considers the key figure responsible for the entire “shadow” activities of the current president. According to the media, the new evidence relates to fraudulent activities, directly related to the decree signed in May 2017, with a view to providing benefits to the port sector.

The initial investigation was started in September 2017 to determine whether Temer received undue benefits from this decree, but the police postponed the completion of the investigation. The deadline for providing data on the progress of the investigation was established in the first week of July, but the police filed a request for extension of the investigation.

The Federal Supreme Court granted the investigative body of the federal police 60 days to prepare evidence that could blame the president for corruption.

It is unclear whether such evidence will lead to prosecution, as Temera is already suspected of several episodes related to money laundering and passive corruption. The consideration of these cases is constantly postponed or terminated.

Recall that previously the court granted the request of investigators and authorized access to bank secrecy Michel Temer. The president is also on another case of corruption, according to which his daughter Maristela was questioned in the recent past.