US prosecutors ask for zero jail time for $ 2 million in corruption

Robin Hayes, the head of the North Carolina Republican party, was involved in a $ 2 million bribery scandal. At the same time, the Prosecutor’s office requires zero jail time. The U.S. attorney’s office in Charlotte asked judge Hayes to recommend how much jail time the former Congressman should serve. This number will be zero, reports WBTV.

Starting in April 2018, Hayes changed money for one of the most serious corruption scandals in the North Carolina government: attempts by billionaire Greg Lindbergh to bribe cosey to fire his assistant, who controlled some of Lindbergh’s businesses.
Under Hayes ‘ watch, hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes were given out as donations to the state’s Republican party, and then given to cosey, a fellow Republican who took office in 2016 and alerted the FBI to the scheme.
After being charged in 2019 and arrested on charges of corruption, bribery and making false statements, Hayes pleaded guilty last October to a reduced charge of lying to the FBI.

In explaining their recommendation for probation, prosecutors cited Hayes ‘ consent and lack of a criminal record. Hayes was also prepared to testify against his partners in the scheme, the documentation indicates.
According to Federal sentencing rules, Hayes, who turns 75 this week, faces up to six months in prison. Both sides, however, recommended a trial period.

On August 19, U.S. district judge max Cogburn will have the final say. He will preside over consecutive sentencing hearings in Charlotte Federal court, first against Hayes and then Lindbergh and his assistant, John gray. After a three-week trial, Lindbergh and gray were found guilty of two corruption-related charges and face up to 30 years in prison.

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