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In Israel, the investigation of corruption in the Netanyahu environment has been completed

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The Israeli police announced the completion of the investigation of the criminal case of corruption in the procurement of submarines from Germany. It turned out that the police have evidence of involvement of David Shimron, cousin and lawyer of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

The case concerns suspicions of alleged corruption regarding Germany’s sale to Israel of military submarines and other boats designed by ThyssenKrupp, one of Germany’s largest industrial concerns, for a total amount of about $ 2 billion. This publication reports the Liberation.

Netanyahu had never been accused in the case, but he had been interrogated several times during the course of the investigation.

The police said that they had gathered sufficient evidence to charge the six defendants, including David Shimron, who was the personal lawyer of the Netanyahu family, and Eliezer Marom, who formerly commanded the Israeli Navy. They are also accused of receiving bribes in the amount of 270 thousand and 600 thousand shekels (about 73 thousand and over 160 thousand dollars).

Now the attorney General must decide on the indictment.

In July 2017, ThyssenKrupp’s representative in Israel, Michael Ganor, reached an agreement to plead guilty. Recognizing that he is a witness to the prosecution, he faces a sentence of one year in prison and a fine of 10 million shekels (2.4 million euros).

According to police reports, Admiral Eliezer Marom received about 600 thousand shekels (120 thousand euros) from Ganor for “consulting” him, according to police. According to police, Shimron, who was supposed to promote the deal with the Israeli authorities, using his connections with the Prime Minister, received 270 thousand shekels for “opening doors.”