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Kenya was offered to imprison for life for corruption

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Kenyan MP Kihar Ndindi Nyoro believes that corruption should be punished in the same way as murder or robbery with violence. He also proposes to confiscate property from corrupt officials, as well as to increase fines.

Deputy Kihar Ndindi Nyoro proposed to the speaker of the Parliament of Kenya Justin Muturi to amend the Law on combating corruption and economic crimes. According to the Deputy, it is necessary to introduce a life sentence, a sentence similar to the punishment of persons convicted of crimes such as murder, manslaughter and robbery with violence, the Daily Nation reports.

The Deputy also wants to confiscate property and increase fines. He says that this is aimed at reducing corruption in the public service.

“It is important that the legislative Assembly toughens all the loopholes that previously made the fight against corruption a difficult task,” Ndindi Nioro said.

The Deputy also proposes to introduce a law that would establish a three-month period during which the case should be investigated, brought to court, and a sentence.

“This will ensure justice in a short time, unlike the current situation, when cases are dragged out in court for many years. And in the end, the suspects can get away with it and spend the ill-fated wealth. This is what we want to get away from, ” the Deputy said.

He says his proposal is aimed at reducing corruption in the public service.

Earlier, the government of Kenya intensified the fight against corruption. At the end of may, a group of government officials were arrested and accused of embezzling $ 100 million. Among the suspects is also the Director of the National youth service of social and educational programs (NYS — the National Youth Service), as well as a major official of the Ministry of public, youth and gender policy Lilian Mbogo-Omollo.