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The Rapaport Diamond Podcast: Corruption

Алмазный дилер Нирав Моди. Мошенничество
Source: Fortune India.

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RAPAPORT… On the heels of the alleged $2 billion Nirav Modi fraud, the Rapaport Diamond Podcast has taken a close look at industry corruption. 

In the show’s fourth episode, “Fraud, Corruption and the Red Carpet,” the Rapaport editorial team talks about why diamonds are attractive to swindlers, and what the trade can do to improve its image. Also, guest interviewee Donald Palmieri of the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL) recounts his experiences of rampant breaches of trust in the industry.

On a lighter note, Rapaport Editor in Chief Sonia Esther Soltani gives her take on the glamorous jewels on show at the 90th Academy Awards. Plus, a report from the March Hong Kong trade fairs.