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In the US disclosed fraud in medicine at $ 230 million

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In the US, the medical company Signature HealthCARE, which provides long-term care services for patients, suspected of fraud for $ 230 million.

The fraudulent scheme was exposed by two therapists, Lianne Holt and Christy Emerson, who worked in a nursing home in Colombia. They found that the company had received government funds for services in nursing homes, although patients did not need them. Sometimes patients did not even get this help. The women stated that before filing a lawsuit, they repeatedly appealed to the administrators up to the corporate office, but they were not heard, reports newschannel5.

According to court documents, state and Federal investigators found that the company “knowingly filed false data with Medicare (a national health insurance program in the US for individuals aged 65 and over) to provide rehabilitation treatment services that were unreasonable or necessary” in 115 institutions.

According to investigators, the company thus received $ 232 million illegally. The company also allegedly forged documents submitted for the Medicaid or Tenncare program in Tennessee, which led to another $ 12 million receipt.
According to doctors Holt and Emerson, taxpayers ‘ money was not just lost, but also suffered elderly patients who were forced to go through excessive and debilitating procedures.

The company Signature Healthcare has not admitted his guilt, but agreed to pay more than $ 30 million to resolve the case.