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US charges 78 people in $2,5 billion health care fraud scheme

The US authorities have filed charges against 78 individuals who defrauded state programs for the care of the elderly and disabled in the amount of more than $2,5 billion.

The US Department of Justice and federal partners announced on June 28 the results of a two-week investigation into a fraudulent scheme in the healthcare sector and opioid abuse schemes. It is stated that the accused conspired to create and sell template orders of doctors in exchange for kickbacks and bribes.

The collusion led to false and fraudulent claims to Medicare and other government insurers in the amount of $1,9 billion for orthopedic braces, prescription skin creams and other items that were not medically necessary and were not eligible for Medicare cost recovery.

Also, 10 persons were charged with fraud for a claim for $ 370 million, in connection with prescription drugs, the need for which was absent.

Law enforcement agencies confiscated millions of dollars in cash, cars and real estate.

The Justice Department said it will continue to investigate one of the largest fraudulent schemes in the US healthcare sector.