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South Africa is looking for proof of corruption of the former President

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In South Africa, launched an investigation into the alleged corruption of the former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma: six months ago, he agreed to release the presidency, and possible suspicions of corruption played an important role.

Since about 2010 media South Africa regularly wrote about the possibility of corruption, which has been implicated Zuma. This week, Deputy chief justice ray Sondo, who heads the Commission to investigate suspicions about the ex-President, launched an investigation process and urged the public to come forward with evidence of corruption of the former head of state, according to OCCRP.

“This Commission is an opportunity for everyone to play a role, to contribute, to find a solution to two very important issues for us as a nation. One-corruption, two-seizure of power,” he said.

Zuma left his post after the investigation revealed a plethora of corrupt ties and shady deals between his administration and the well-known Gupta family.

The Gupta family was accused that its members organized the seizure of the state” – a systemic political corruption in which their interests influenced the decision-making processes of the state in their favor.

Members of the Gupta family have successfully influenced the recruitment and dismissal of government officials under Zuma, often based on the willingness of these officials to agree to certain deals that have enriched the Gupta.

According to OCCRP, the Gupta family have received hundreds of millions of dollars in state transactions.

Deputy chief justice Zondo urged the public to come forward with evidence against Zuma, saying that the response to previous such calls was warm. According to him, it is necessary to find evidence pointing to the corruption of Zuma, and there are witnesses who know how the corruption deal.

Jacob Zuma was President of South Africa for the second consecutive term. He was first elected President in 2009, and was re-elected for a second five-year term in 2014.