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UK government denies corruption accusations over Conservative Party donors

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has denied corruption accusations following a new scandal. Earlier, British newspapers reported that major donors of the Conservative Party were offered seats in parliament’s upper chamber.

The Sunday Times reported that all but one of the 16 Conservative treasurers had donated more than $ 4 million to the party over the last two decades in exchange for a seat in the House of Lords.

The opposition Labour Party accused the Conservatives of being corrupt, but Conservative Party member George Eustis denied the accusations.

– They are philanthropists who give huge amounts to charity, who have been very successful in business and therefore on those grounds ought to be considered for the Lords, – Youstis told the BBC.

According to an opinion poll for the Observer newspaper, Boris Johnson’s approval rating has fallen to its lowest level on record, and the Conservatives’ lead over Labour has fallen to a single percentage point.