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All the chief justices of West Virginia resigned because of inappropriate spending


The entire composition of the Supreme court of the state of West Virginia retiring: the decision was taken by members of the legal Committee of the Chamber of representatives of the state.

Legislators approved a document of 14 points, which justifies the need for the resignation of all four judges. Judges are accused, including, in “inappropriate and wasteful” spending of taxpayers, incompetence, corruption and negligence, according to CNN.

Half of the articles of impeachment applies only to Allen Lohri, who in June was charged with 22 criminal Federal charges, including fraud, false statements and perjury.

“They believe that they are above all and should not hold back the money of taxpayers who trust them,” – said the representative of the legal Committee John SCHOTT.

In order for the impeachment procedure to be completed, a majority of the state house of representatives, as well as two-thirds of the senators, must vote in favour of the decision. Then the upper house of the West Virginia Congress will finally remove the judges from their posts. / consists of five judges, each of whom is elected for a 12-year term, although only four are currently serving.

Criminal charges against judges
Points of impeachment was among the earlier Federal criminal charges against Allen Lohri and judges Menis E. Ketchum II, who resigned in late July just days before he was charged with fraud .

Lohri accused that he took a historically important table, named table, Cass Gilbert, to your private home for personal use. He is also accused of using a government vehicle, as well as using a government vehicle and credit card for personal travel. Lohri pleaded not guilty as charged.

Meanwhile, the 75-year-old Ketchum is accused of using a public transport and fuel credit card to travel between his home and a private Golf club. The hearing in the case of dismissal in the case is scheduled for August 23, according to court documents. American Prosecutor Mike Stewart announced last week that Ketchum had agreed to plead guilty.

“Our Committee did not take these decisions lightly. Having considered all the evidence we have, it became clear that the culture of law and disregard for both the law and the taxpayers ‘ money damaged the reputation of our judicial system, and that all judges were involved in the violation of public trust,” said John SCHOTT.