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WATCH: Teen Wolf’s Max Carver Wants Your Help to Stop Political Corruption in Powerful New Video

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Teen Wolf star Max Carver is taking a stance on ending corruption in politics.

Carver, 29, tackles the anti-corruption movement in a video for Represent.Us, an anti-corruption campaign that boasts Jennifer Lawrence, Adam McKay and David O. Russell on its board.

The actor tells PEOPLE he chose to work with the organization because he was inspired by it’s approach to root out “big money” from politics.

“I have many causes that are near and dear to my heart and I want to fight for those causes with everything I’ve got. But first, it has to be a fair fight,” he says. “And very little is going to change in this country until we address corruption in our political system. Our system is broken, and our political leaders are beholden to big money — that’s not good for anyone. It undermines any chance to have a healthy democracy, and puts the priorities of the few above the many.”

In the video, Carver urges viewers to donate time, money and attention to causes they care about in an effort to have more of a say in politics.

“When Americans band together, we have the power,” Carver says in the video. “The same power that built this country and planted our flag on the moon.”

“We’re putting power back in the hands of the American people,” he continues, encouraging people to sign up to Represent.Us and support a political campaign of their choice.

“If we don’t focus, if we remain scattered and divided, these campaigns will lose and America will continue to falter,” Carver says.

“If we can all just to our part,” he continues. “We can reassert the the promise of this country’s founders: A government that will represent us.”