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10 police officers from Taiwan arrested for “protection” of the brothel

Источник фото: USA Today

Ten police officers from the Zhongshan district of Taipei police were accused of corruption: they “covered” the salon “of prostitutes in one of the hotels in Taipei.

Police officers were charged with violating the Criminal code: taking bribes and hiding the illegal activities of the Li Pang hotel for two years, reports Focustaiwan.

The hotel, located in Taipei, organized a “salon” of prostitutes, and four owners, handed over to police officers monthly bribes in the amount of 1 thousand 309 us dollars. The cops in return had to ensure that the hotel would pass police spot checks.

The police said that the owner of the hotel could be reduced the penalty, as they confessed to their offenses and returned their illegal income, including the amount of 5 million Taiwanese dollars (about 169 thousand us dollars).

However, the accused police officers may face more severe penalties because they deny all allegations of corruption.

It should be noted that in China, the Chinese authorities have amended the legislation, abolishing the Supreme measure as punishment for organized prostitution, illegal fundraising and currency falsification. However, Beijing has reserved the right to impose death sentences on the most high-profile corruption cases, in part, to calm the angry public.