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39 IAS officers under investigation for alleged corruption

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The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) began processing as many as 68 governmental officials, including 39 officers of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and 29 officers of Central Secretariat Service for their alleged involvement in corruption and general non-performance.

The IAS officers comprise most governmental officials in India. Every other branch of the bureaucratic state apparatus also has the word “service” in its name: the police force is called Indian Police Service (IPS), tax collectors work at the Indian Revenue Service and all governmental secretaries call their workplace Central Secretariat Service (CSS). Even Indian Army has a motto:”Service Before Self.

To increase the quality of service all these aforementioned offices provide the Central Government has initiated a thorough check. The DoPT provided enough data based on customers’ complaints as well as previous performance records to investigate as many as 68 different governmental officials.

According to the Indian law to improve the governance system each civil servant must be scrutinised twice during his or her career: 15 years after qualifying for the job and 25 years after the initial review to ensure that the state workforce stays relatively young and modern.

Adding to the investigation initiated by the DoPT the Central Government began to review as many as 67 000 employees service records, of which 25 000 belong to those working in the IAS, the IPS and the CSS.

Last year alone the aforementioned review resulted in 129 employees, including those of the IAS and  the IPS, receiving compulsory retirement due to non-performance.

According to the official statistics there are 48.85 lakh (lakh has five zeros) governmental officials in India.


Source: The Economic Times.