6.5 million dollars to be seized from ex-president of Maldives

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Charges of corruption have been brought against the former President of Maldives, Abdullah Yamin. He received illegal payments in the amount of $ 1.5 million for the failed attempt of re-election, according to the TV channel “NDTV“.

The country’s monetary authority filed a complaint with the police about the alleged donations made to Yamin’s private account by two suspicious transfers. The former President denied these allegations.

At the moment, Yamin, who was defeated in the September elections, is under investigation for corruption. The court decided to freeze his accounts for $ 6.5 million.

Yamin has been President of Maldives since 2013. Yamin is known as the main initiator of economic reforms. He also advocated cooperation with China and attraction of Chinese investments to the country.

In the investigation, OCCRP, which was published a week before the Maldivians went to the polls, had shown in detail how the former tourism Minister of Maldives, Ahmed Adeeb gave at least 50 of the unspoilt tropical Islands of the country to companies engaged in tourism – all this with the permission of Yamina. It is believed that the transaction cost the country at least 80 million US dollars, the money was allegedly pumped into the pockets of officials in private Bank accounts.