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The American ambulance service will pay 21 million dollars to resolve the corruption case

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The U.S. Department of justice reported that seven defendants representing an American ambulance company agreed to pay $ 21 million to avoid bringing a corruption case to court. The investigation found that they bribed officials of local authorities in return for supporting their business.

Representatives of the branches of Paramedics Plus, LLC, investigators believe, offered bribes to local authorities who watched the provision of emergency services in the United States, from California to Florida.

“Paramedics Plus has been paying millions of dollars for illegal incentives for several years,” said U.S. attorney Joseph brown, who is investigating the case.

Online reviews of ambulance services related to Paramedics Plus describe how customers are misled, charged exorbitant prices, as well as during the movement of ambulances or does not provide medical care, or in insufficient size. One commentator wrote that he was taken away from his own home, then, against his will, forced to undergo a series of tests so that he could write me $ 800.

Some clients wrote that their insurance for the ambulance ride was not paid, as they received an excess of the cost of the trip. Others who didn’t have insurance said they were told they wouldn’t have a problem and were allowed a trip and then they got thousands of dollars worth of bills.

Despite all these complaints, Paramedics Plus LLC remains the only ambulance service provider in Pinellas County, Florida and Fort Wayne , Indiana.