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Ukrainian anti-corruption body will verify its President’s declaration

Декларацию о доходах Порошенко рассмотрят на одном из ближайших заседаний НАПК. Источник фото: Sven Hoppe/dpa.

This Monday Deputy Head of the Department of Financial Control of Ukrainian National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) Arkadiy Sesemko announced that the agency will discuss verification of Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko’s declaration. 

“Poroshenko’s declaration [verification] will be discussed during one of the forthcoming meetings”, – Sesemko said.

At the end of July the anti-corruption body officially verified declarations of several political leaders. For instance, it found no irregularities in the electronic declaration of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, but reported something fishy about declarations of Head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vice Prime Minister.

Verification of civil servants’ declaration is part of the Ukrainian war on corruption.

Source: Экономика Сегодня.