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Biden accused of corruption of aid to Ukraine

US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy believes that Washington’s active assistance to Ukraine may be linked to the corruption of the family of White House President Joe Biden.

NBC television channel reports.

Ramaswamy noted that the US Armed Forces should protect their homeland.

– It does not consist in aimlessly waging some random conflict, which may be compensation for a private bribe of five million dollars from Burisma, received by a member of the family of the President of the United States,” he said.

The candidate believes that payment to Hunter Biden should be recognized as corrupt. He believes that it is connected with the behavior of the United States in relation to Ukraine.

Earlier, Senator Chuck Grassley issued the FBI document. It talks about the payment from the energy company Burisma to Hunter Biden. The latter was offered a seat on the Board of Directors in exchange for the help of his father.

The media also reported that the Biden family received more than 1 million dollars on 17 payments. At the same time, 16 of the 17 payments were made through front companies of Biden, who then worked as Vice President.

Previously, Hunter Biden was already in the epicenter of scandals related to drugs, corruption and non-payment of taxes. In April 2021, experts established the authenticity of materials from the laptop of the President’s son, which he left in the workshop, where they found 103 thousand text messages, 154 thousand emails, over 2 thousand photos, allegedly confirming his guilt and involvement in 400 crimes.

On June 20 of this year, Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to two episodes of tax violations, as well as one episode related to gun ownership.

According to CNN, Hunter Biden may be given a suspended sentence.