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The fugitive ex-mayor of Almaty can be in prison with his wife

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In Alma-ATA, there is a trial of the ex-mayor Viktor Khrapunov: the former mayor faces up to 20 years in prison because of accusations of embezzlement of state property. His wife could be sentenced to 17 years in prison.

According to investigators, the couple Khrapunova who are currently abroad, has managed to cause to the state damage for the sum about $ 250 million, according to Colossal. In total, in this case – 10 accused, except Khrapunov.

The former mayor and his wife are accused under the articles: “theft of state property”, “fraud”, “abuse of office”, “taking bribes” and “legalization of stolen property committed by an organized criminal group”.

Victor and Leyla Khrapunova are on the list of the most wanted persons in Kazakhstan. In February, they were accused of embezzling about $ 300 million between 1997 and 2004. In September 2007, their son Ilyas married Madina Ablyazova, Mukhtar’s daughter. His family soon fled Kazakhstan, shortly before authorities charged him with corruption. They settled in Switzerland and flashed in the lists of the richest people.

Their son Ilyas is also currently experiencing difficulties in the West. The British Supreme court ruled that Ilyas Khrapunov should pay BTA to the Bank about $ 500 million for Ablyazov’s aiding and Ablyazov. Allegedly between Ilyas Khrapunov and the ex-Chairman of BTA Bank there was a criminal conspiracy thanks to which more than 6 billion dollars were stolen. Court documents suggest that some funds may have been laundered through President Donald trump’s real estate Empire.

According to the investigation for 2011, the couple took out of the country 8 million dollars and 7.7 million euros. Criminal proceedings against the spouses and son of Leila Khrapunova Ilyas in recent years is also in the us courts.

On her Facebook page, Leila writes that the entire trial is custom-made and fabricated.