Brazilian senator caught stealing money intended for fight against coronavirus

Brazilian Senator Chico Rodrigues was caught with approximately $ 5,000 in his underwear. The money was found during a search of the politician during a police raid on the uneven use of state finances to combat COVID-19, Reuters reports.

The Supreme Court has suspended Rodrigues from the Senate for 90 days while the investigation is ongoing.

In turn, the politician could not explain why the money ended up in his underwear. However, he denies his guilt.

In the senate, Rodrigues represents the northern state of Roraima and had also been chosen as deputy leader for the agenda of the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro, who is famous for his anti-corruption campaign.

Bolsonaro said the police raid was evidence that his government was fighting graft.

However, Bolsonaro’s anti-graft credentials have faltered since the presidential campaign. His former justice minister Sergio Moro, resigned earlier this year, alleging Bolsonaro had sought to interfere in a police investigation in May of this year against his son, who is under investigation for bribery in Rio de Janeiro. Bolsonaro and his son deny their guilt.