Global survey shows bribery and corruption in businesses


– Companies need to do more to tackle this idea that wrong-doing will result in substantial personal gain. The consequences of bribery and corruption are severe, and law enforcement agencies’ powers to investigate and prosecute have grown substantially over the last few years. Employers need to make sure their staff are aware of the legal implications, and severity of penalties, – said Jonathan Pickworth, Partner at White & Case.

Also sociologists found out that when workers suspect or identify bribery and corruption by a colleague, 88 percent would be inclined to raise the issue internally, rather than externally. Only 3 percent think they would make use of a whistleblowing hotline, and only 2 percent said they would call the police or other authority. Besides 6 percent confirmed that they wouldn’t notify anyone.

– The survey offers a comprehensive overview of the attitudes of companies and their employees towards bribery and corruption. With a raft of new legislation designed to tackle white collar crime and extended powers awarded to regulators and law enforcement agencies globally over recent years, companies need to pay more attention than ever to ensuring internal compliance and systems are robust, – says Dr. Nicholas Lord.