Bulgarian Minister of Finance checked for illegal property

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The Bulgarian Commission on combating corruption and confiscation of acquired property has carried out two inspections against the Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov: corruption and conflict of interest. About it reports ““.

By order of the Prosecutor’s office, an inspection was carried out on the fact of a corruption crime. Parallel to the ongoing test of conflict of interest, where account is also taken of the publication media.

Instead the investigation is conducted in regard to the Bulgarian businessman Nikolay Banin: the Commission checks the family on the subject of illicitly acquired assets in connection with the notice from the Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier, the Supreme court of cassation ruled that the termination of criminal proceedings was a procedural obstacle to the seizure of illegally acquired property in favor of the state. However, the Chairman of the Commission Plamen Georgiev presented arguments from the texts of the law, which state that the termination of the prosecution can not be an obstacle.

– We have a year of check which can be tightened for half a year more, and we can’t control so much time of the businessman at whom 20-30 companies abroad or thousands of accounts in our country, – Georgiev told.

During the inspection, the rights of citizens can not be affected in any way, because the inspection is a mystery. The inspected person understands that he is under surveillance to detect violations, but physical actions do not follow. Then the inspected person also has three months to prove the legal origin of his property.