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Former CEO of Fiat Chrysler received five and a half years in prison

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The former Fiat Chrysler CEO was sentenced to five and a half years in Federal prison on Monday as part of a scheme to approve Union officials by giving them expensive gifts.

The former head of labor relations, Alphonse Jacobelli, admitted that he turned the budget of the training center, sponsored by the company, into a slush Fund. He is a senior official of the company, sentenced to real time in the Federal study, which include training centers at General Motors and Ford, abcnews reports.

Prosecutors said in court documents that the goal was to obtain benefits and incentives for Fiat Chrysler in negotiations and concluding contracts between the company and United Auto Workers.

Detroit news and the Detroit free press reported that Jacobelli apologized, took responsibility, and promised cooperation in the study to U.S. district judge Paul Borman.